A READER gets in touch to voice his frustration over the "shambolic" Covid systems in place for isolating after travel.

AFTER evading Covid, it eventually caught up with me having fallen victim upon returning from the US. I tested positive on February 9 so I’m now self-isolating, feeling slightly under the weather i.e. mild headache, the odd cough and sneeze.

I was informed I must go on the NHS app – which I already had – to inform them of my condition.

Easier said than done. Eventually I gave up when it wouldn’t accept where I was between February 1 and February 5 because I was in the US and not the UK although I had already said I arrived home on February 8.

The whole system is a shambles.

I already filled my locator form in, I’m fully vaccinated including booster and flu, I’m self-isolating keeping myself to myself – far more than our prime minister and his cronies ever did.

Let’s face it, if I had arrived a few days later I wouldn’t have to do any of this.

I would, however, have taken a test as I have them at home anyway and took precautions as indeed I am now.

So as it stands I believe I am breaking the law by not being able to complete the required fields correctly through no fault of my own.

Well my final words are the whole system is an ass I know I’m doing what’s right and I will test myself in a few days’ time and once I’m clear will resume my place in society and can assure those around me it’s not me who will be spreading this lurgy, but those dirty people who don’t wash their hands and sneeze and cough over everyone without a care in the world.

John Cumberland, Rushyford.

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