A READER has got in touch with us to back Boris Johnson in the wake of criticism over alledged lockdown parties - and suggests Tony Blair should instead be brought to justice over alledged crimes during his time as PM.

PURSUING Boris Johnson is a convenient distraction for the Met Police who have themselves been under serious criticism for years.

The alleged partying by the Government pales into insignificance compared to recently knighted Teflon Tony Blair’s record.

The unjustified, therefore very possibly illegal, war with Iraq cost the lives of young soldiers and innocent Iraqis.

Where were the police then with their enquiries and prosecutions?

Blair needs pursuing with vigour, prosecuting and if found guilty, bricking up in the tower along with his title.

Mr Johnson’s team, in comparison, went down to the wire with Brexit, immediately started to bring investment north, met the Covid pandemic head on and subsidised financially many diverse branches of society.

If a friend does wrong, you do not tell them they are right. This is not friendship. You tell them they are wrong but jointly get involved in damage limitation. You do not abandon them.

Wimpy Tories including, for example, David Davis, who’s stance is contemptible, need to read the manual.

Theirs is not to reason why but to close ranks in support of Uncle Boris.

It is reassuring to see high profile, genuine Conservatives expressing confidence in the Prime Minister as there are many more serious situations in the country and the world which require urgent attention.

Harold Mackenley, Cockfield, Bishop Auckland.

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