A READER has written in to lament how faith in the government is being eroded by the Prime Minister

FAITH and credibility in the government is being lost with how it is governing the country and handling the parties scandal and the rises in the cost of living facing ordinary working people.

While the cost of the pandemic needs to be paid for, the government has introduced measures which hurt the very people that put them there when there are clearly other means and methods to save money.

To date the government has frozen personal tax allowances, broken the triple lock pension increase, is increasing national insurance, frozen the threshold again for student loans to start being paid.

No doubt there will be other “hidden” costs such as the upcoming increases in council tax, etc to surface.

There are areas where there is such an enormous amount of waste that can be cut in the government machine both national and local. With the loss of credibility in the government, with it continually ducking and diving with lies against allegations which are obviously true, the whole show is making people like me lose faith in the British political system.

The Labour Party loves attacking the policies of the Conservative Party and vice versa with the Liberal Democrats sitting in the background keeping a low profile.

The UK political system is broken and corrupt. It does not unite the people to work together because the voice of the people has been forgotten in the circus performances in Parliament, especially Prime Minister’s Questions.

The outcomes of inquiries are never actioned. For example, why do similar cases of child neglect/abuse keep occurring within various local authorities.

The progress made by the Conservative/Liberal Democrats coalition under David Cameron and Nick Clegg made a significant improvement to people’s lives through people working together, and that is being unravelled by the current administration.

It is all fine and good saying they will cut taxes in the future – why put them up in the first place?

The other aspect is when they do cut taxes it will be disproportionately in favour of the high earners i.e. people earning £60k plus.

I do not honestly know if the faith and credibility will ever be restored and I am mindful that Boris Johnson is going to try and use the Ukraine situation to his advantage to save his skin, sadly, potentially at the expense of British lives.

Boris Johnson should consider himself on notice.

Colin Telfer, Darlington.

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