A READER gets in touch to question why Labour leader Keir Starmer has not been questioned over his own 'work meeting' during lockdown - despite him being pictured with a drink.

WITH regard to Jeremy Whiting’s letter about Boris Johnson (HAS, Jan 27), I would assume like myself that Mr Whiting knew nothing about the meeting/party in Durham which involved Keir Starmer.

If, as he says, the photo was in circulation before the papers picked up in it, why had no one from Labour made any effort to try to clear it up straightaway. It makes you think it had been swept under the carpet, hoping it would go away.

As Mr Whiting seems to think this incident has been discredited, could he tell us who came to this conclusion?

Was it Mr Starmer in hindsight, Durham MP Mary Kelly Foy, the police, the local Labour party or someone independent?

The only thing I can find is a Labour spokesman saying it was a meeting – can Mr Whiting clear this up? I look forward to his reply.

As his comment that Mr Starmer set out to support the government, he only did this as he did not have a clue what to do as the leader of the opposition.

Over the last few weeks, during the witch-hunt by the Labour Party and Dominic Cummings, the only thing Starmer has done is repeatedly ask Boris “Will he resign”, thus taking up parliament and Conservative time when we should be looking at other things like levelling up and other things in our area.

Mr Starmer is the leader of a party that has no idea how to do this. This farce keeps the heat off Mr Starmer as many do not see him as a competent leader, especially not Laura Pidcock who was a well respected party member and ex MP.

John Armstrong, Newton Aycliffe.


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