A READER gets in touch with their views about the move from Labour to Conservative MPs in the region.

WELL, I hope the people in County Durham who transferred their vote from Labour to Conservative are satisfied.

The 13 or more parties at No 10 are typical of a government full of people who are not in touch with, or who do not care about, the average man in the street.

We now have, under this Tory government, rampant inflation, currently running at 5.4 per cent, the biggest figure for 30 years.

That is on top of an expected hike in the cost of living with energy prices threatening to hit the roof.

You people who deserted Labour, think about it. You fell for the same old Tory lies, and you deserted the party that gave you the winter fuel allowance and the bus pass.

Ask any pensioner to see how much the bus pass helps ease their weekly bills, and how much they appreciate the Winter Fuel Allowance even though the booze-sodden Tories have cut that allowance. County Durham, you’re being taken for the biggest ride since the Big Dipper.

Name supplied, Crook.


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