A READER has written to us to express their dismay at the way the Conservative party is currently conducting itself.

The historic Conservative (and Unionist) Party stood for what its name implies, and while I often disagreed with them, I could respect their point of view. However, today’s party, effectively run by right-wing extremists, is a very different animal!

Brexit has ended our EU membership, which was after all arranged by a Conservative Prime Minister (Ted Heath) 50 years ago, and even Margaret Thatcher supported the creation of the “Single Market”, which we are now excluded from, at great cost to our prosperity.

And in pursuit of the extremists’ hardline Brexit, the Union with Scotland and Northern Ireland is now under real threat.

Moreover, whatever these inveterate liars may say, they now have their sights set on destroying two great British institutions, the NHS and the BBC, as we have always known them.

I suspect that many of the great Conservative prime ministers of the past, including Winston Churchill, must now be spinning in their graves! The sooner the Conservative Party returns to its traditional values, the better for everyone.

Alan Jordan, Middridge.

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