LOTS of readers have been in touch this week voicing their anger over the MP second job revelations.

Here's what three readers had to say:

In the light of the scandals involving Tory MPs Owen Paterson and Sir Geoffrey Cox, Labour have said that if elected they will ban MPs from having second jobs, other than public service roles such as working in a hospital.

I can see the merit in it, but I have no doubt that too many MPs would get around such rules, e.g. by taking cash in brown envelopes.

Perhaps it would be better if taxpayers stopped paying MPs a salary altogether and Parliamentary constituencies were completely abolished. Instead of being MP for North Staffordshire, Paterson could be MP for Randox which paid him £500 an hour as a lobbyist and Sir Geoffrey Cox could become the MP for the British Virgin Island tax avoiders.

When interviewed on television, MPs could wear a jacket with their sponsors names on it, like Formula One drivers do. This would bring greater honestly to British politics because the public would be able to see who our MPs are really working for.

John Gilmore, Bishop Auckland.

LET’S get this right. If I got offered a job as an MP worth £80,000 a year plus expenses I would be doing cartwheels down Bishop main street.

If you want to be an MP forget about any other jobs – that should be the condition of the job, and make it compulsory.

The latest MP Sir Geoffrey Cox has been using his Parliamentary office to take part in legal proceedings in the Virgin Islands remotely from his office, apparently earning him an extra million quid.

They are taking the mick, all the lot of them, and getting away with it .

Dave Bowes, West Auckland.

SOME 248 Conservative MPs backed an amendment that blocked the suspension of the not-very-honourable member for North Shropshire, Owen Paterson. This MP had been receiving cash sums of £112,000 a year from his second and third jobs.

So how did the Teesside Tories vote on this issue which involved abuse of position for personal monetary gain?

The ‘’yes’’ brigade of Simon Clarke (Middlesbrough South and East Cleveland), Peter Gibson (Darlington), Matt Vickers (Stockton South) and Dehenna Davison (Bishop Auckland) all voted for Mr Paterson not to be suspended, so no surprise there.

Jacob Young (Redcar) had no vote recorded, meaning he abstained. This fella never shakes the branch too hard just in case it breaks.

The only Teesside Tory to vote for Owen Patterson’s suspension was Hartlepool’s Jill Mortimer, so some credit is due there.

Stephen Dixon, Redcar.

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