“GET Brexit done” was the soundbite promise on which Johnson won the election. He and the Government have behaved as though all aspects of the departure from Europe were now fully sorted.

The Covid emergency provided understandable camouflage.

But now, as something like ‘normal’ politics resumes, it is clear that many aspects of the departure are neither done nor dusted.

Their contribution to increasingly serious national problems are in the spotlight. These include issues of trade, movement, education and, of course, the status of Northern Ireland.

The PM does not speak about the practicalities of Brexit. He simply uses it as taunt against anyone opposed being a bad loser.

However, this autumn something is changing revealing the sloppy handling of Brexit for all to see. The large scale disruption of supply chains in fuel, pharmaceuticals, and food caused by the shortage of HGV drivers cannot be a surprise - it was flagged up by Johnson’s own advisory team years ago!

Now is the time for the Government to adopt an alternative slogan aired this week - “make Brexit work”- and be serious about issues of implementation which are very real and pressing.

They need policy planning and not partisan posturing from the UK’s leaders hiding behind emotional issues of reclaimed sovereignty. Rational compromise not confrontation.

Brexit is a set of still-evolving, very practical relationships for which the government must take responsibility.

D Duell, Durham.

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