I AM embarrassed by the Government’s decision to reduce aid to the poorest of the citizens that share this world with us all (Echo, Jul 14). It is even sadder to notice that many of our wealthiest MPs supported this cut.

I understand that a promise to raise the amount at a later date is based on a complicated formula that will be almost impossible to meet.

My father, the last of 13 children (nine died in infancy) related stories of his youth that involved him and other village boys running for hours on end after school to earn a prize of unsold rolls for his family from the baker. Despite his own personal hardship, he instilled in my brother and I the following – half a loaf is better than none, it’s tougher where there isn’t anything on the table.

I’m sure many readers have similar or worse experiences of their ancestors’ lives, and perhaps their own.

Many will suggest that “charity begins at home”. May I suggest home is the whole planet. Just look at the labels on your food, clothes and electronics to realise your connectivity to those sharing your space.

I’m old enough to recall John F Kennedy’s 1961 inaugural speech. One particular line I like is: “If a free society cannot help the many who are poor, it cannot save the few who are rich”.

B Jackson, Sacriston.

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