I FIND it astonishing the amount of time that vast numbers of people spend each day gazing at what, in many cases, can only be termed as “mindless trivia” on their social media “brain washing” gizmos!

Many of the comments which are heard on the bus, in the shops and other places have virtually zero intelligence behind them and are just low grade drivel. What socially useful purpose do Facebook, Twitter and Instagram actually serve?

There is a mistaken assumption that because something is technically possible, this automatically makes it a “must-have” and so is socially desirable.

I would forecast inevitable considerable censorship of social media, if only to prevent electronic bullying by folks far too gutless to face the individual face to face.

I believe we have opened Pandora’s Box and have no idea how we are going to control matters. In fact, we may not have the will to control matters.

Soon there will be no privacy 24/7 – there will even be an “anti-domestic violence” camera and sound in the bedroom!

GB Butler, Stockton-on-Tees.