THE new Amazon development at Symmetry Park is an exciting initiative that has the potential to bring 3,000 new jobs to Darlington.

It is a welcome example of a major international company investing in the North-East despite the ongoing uncertainty surrounding Brexit, and we have applauded Darlington Borough Council’s efforts to attract Amazon.

However, we also share the concerns of a number of Darlington residents, not to mention the businesses that currently inhabit Lingfield Point, which is next to Symmetry Park, over the impact a new development will have on the existing transport infrastructure.

The news that workers travelling to the new business park will be encouraged to use mopeds at least shows the council is aware of the potential problems, and is looking at ways of ameliorating any negative impact.

Improvements to cycle routes have been discussed, along with possible car-sharing schemes and discounts for workers to use public transport.

They are all welcome initiatives, but the council has to appreciate the scale of the issue and ensure the devloper's plans reflect the scale of the strain that is about to be placed on the existing travel network. Providing 50 scooters is a drop in the ocean compared to what is required.

It is also important that public money is not frittered away to address any potential problems. Amazon posted worldwide profits of $10.1bn in 2018 – they can afford to ensure their workers do not produce travel chaos in the towns they are working in.