NEWCASTLE UNITED are on the brink of a new dawn. A fresh era for North-East football should be greeted with positivity.

For a number of years now, the club’s supporters have railed against the ownership of Mike Ashley.

Now, after seeing their squad and the efforts of manager Rafa Benitez suppressed from above, it appears a lavish outlook could be on the horizon.

We have been here before, but previous talks and hopes stalled before any deal could get off the ground.

This time, it would appear there is a real determination, from both sides, for the deal to go ahead.

Taking over the club is an attractive proposition for anyone with a bottomless pockets and a love of the beautiful game. The phrase sleeping giant is used too much and too easily, but the prospect of untold riches being ploughed into Tyneside and the North-East is some prospect.

Look at what has happened at Manchester City in recent years since the cousin of Newcastle’s intended owner took charge.

And the Magpies already have their infrastructure in place: a top-class manager who should be cherished, a modernised stadium and a loyal and passionate fanbase.

Sunderland fans will still be smarting from Sunday’s agonising League One play-off final defeat at Wembley.

Instead of celebrating promotion to the Championship, they instead have to digest the news that their bitter rivals have discovered a pot of gold at the end of the football rainbow.

As, Sir Alex Ferguson said so memorably 20 years ago this week; football, bloody hell.