REMARKABLY, just when you thought Brexit could not get any messier, Theresa May seemed to make matters worse yesterday with her offer of a compromise wrapped up potentially with a second referendum.

Her own party's European Research Group will not back her offer – how could they when it talks of a customs union as well as another vote, both of which they hate? The Irish must be very wary of its vague promise to find an alternative to the backstop by 2020 as this offers none of them any clarity. And it would be a very brave group of Labour MPs who baled out a failing Tory PM without knowing how this compromise might be implemented by whoever replaces her in the near future.

Middlesbrough South MP Simon Clarke said yesterday that Mrs May should leave as soon as possible. "We have wasted enough time trying to reach compromises that aren't compromises – they are sell outs," he said.

Mrs May is now herself a major obstacle in the Brexit process – perhaps the major obstacle. Her deal has been rejected by historically embarrassing margins on three occasions; the fourth attempt now appears to be doomed to a defeat of even greater proportions.

She must go. She has to step aside so a new leader can try to change the dynamic and move the country forward. October 31 is hurtling towards us, and yet Mrs May has wasted the first six weeks of our extension making the situation worse.