IF Theresa May were a football manager, she would have gone by now. She’s lost the dressing room and the club chairman would have taken her to one side, thanked her for her sterling efforts, for her amazing resilience in the face of abuse from all sides of the crowd.

But the chairman would have told her that after yet another humiliating defeat she has taken the team as far as she can. Her tactics, of running the clock down in the hope of fluking a last minute winner, have failed and she has nothing left to offer.

What is the point of her going for another away fixture in Brussels or Strasbourg? She would go without power and without authority. What would be the point of the EU giving her extra time if she is just going to field the same failed ideas that are unacceptable to a majority in the House of Commons.

Something has to change. Someone has to provide new, fresh leadership. Where is our Ole Gunnar Solskjaer in our national time of need?

Our MPs should vote to reject no-deal, because it seems too dangerous for both ourselves and the EU. They should vote to extend Article 50, and then we have to hope that a new leader emerges, most likely either from within the ranks of the Conservative Party or as a cross-party national government that is able to command a majority, probably pushing for a soft Brexit so that we can move on to the next stage of the negotiations - and the public do desperately want us to move on to that next stage as soon as possible.