CRIKEY. We appear to be on a rollercoaster of our own making, about to plummet off a cliff.

There are no real answers to any of the questions that we all expected to have clear strategies on by this point.

In just over a month's time, we are going to be at the other side of Brexit, whatever that looks like.

Businesses are already tiptoeing out of the country ahead of March 29 and making decisions that will impact on our economy for decades to come.

And as the doom-monger I am, I have to point out again that food and medicines are being stockpiled. There are 3,500 troops ready for a martial law situation. Seventy international trade deals will go, overnight.

Theresa 'let me be clear' May has been clear about one thing so far – she is quite insistent that she is happy to crash out of the EU with no deal, taking all of us off that cliff with no safety net or padded mat in place to land on, and is not planning on extending the deadline.

But we were given an insight into her real intentions by her chief negotiator Olly Robbins in a Brussels bar.

"Extension (of Article 50) is possible but if they don't vote for the deal then the extension is a long one," he was overheard saying by an ITV journalist. “The issue is whether Brussels is clear on the terms of extension. In the end they will probably just give us an extension.”

The comments seemed to suggest that Ms May is planning to delay that decision until the eleventh hour, the day before the scheduled departure day. The whole Brexit journey has been one of incredible incompetence in every possible area.

If Theresa May's chief negotiator hasn't even the tact to keep his counsel in a bar where he could easily be overheard then how was he supposed to have the diplomacy for complex and delicate negotiations?

There are those who will see a conspiracy in it ­– in fact some Brexiteers who see conspiracy in everything (and from there it is a short hop to madness) already think Robbins is a plant to purposely disrupt the negotiations. Our government can't even hire a reliable negotiator for the most important discussions in our history.

It could have been a glorious moment for a strong opposition party to ride in on chargers and win the support of the electorate.

However Labour has dithered, been entirely non-committal and, dare I say it, indifferent. One wonders if they're just waiting for the burning buildings and anarchy before Corbyn steps in like a conquering hero.

While Britain braces itself for possible anarchy and starvation, and the possibility of being the only third world country in Europe, our prime minister is, I feel, a little too calm.

Ms May informed her Cabinet this week that she doesn't waste food – she just scrapes the mould of the top of her jam, digs her spoon in and eats the next layer down. At least that's a skill that will come in handy when we've run out of food.

But perhaps, as Robbins suggests, it is all a bluff. The troops are ready – but come March 28 they may be stood down. And we will have to endure even more months of Brexit rows and drama.

Theresa, I hope that jam has got alcohol in.