SOMETIMES, when the world feels a complex and chaotic place, it is nice to take comfort in simple pleasures.

So for the next few days, forget about Brexit and the potential for an economic crisis in the not-too-distant future, ignore tales of drone misuse and travel chaos, and try not to worry about what the next few months might have in store.

Instead, meet up with family and friends, exchange gifts, eat and drink a bit more than you probably should, and have a fantastic Christmas. Let’s be honest, with everything that is going on around us, we deserve it.

For some, of course, Christmas is not a time of unbridled pleasure. We thank all those who will be working in our vital public services over the next few days – the police and fire officers, ambulance staff and coastguards, nurses, doctors and care workers that do so much to keep the country running while the rest of us relax.

We also applaud all those who will give up their own time during the Christmas period to help others - the food bank volunteers, unpaid carers and those who take time out of their own lives to call on a neighbour or friend who might otherwise spend Christmas alone.

We hope that the true spirit of Christmas is in evidence over the next few days, and endures for the next 12 months.

Most of all, though, we simply wish each and every one of our readers a very Merry Christmas and a happy and successful 2019.

Now, pass that mince pie…