CONSERVATIVE MPs should be spending their time attempting to reach a consensus on how to come up with a Brexit deal that can win the support of a majority in the House of Commons.

Instead, it looks as though they are becoming increasingly obsessed with the political drama of a potential move to unseat Prime Minister Theresa May.

Have 48 MPs submitted letters of no-confidence in Mrs May to trigger a confidence vote on her leadership of the Conservative Party? Are a number of hardline Brexiteers waiting for the right moment to strike? Did Mrs May’s performance in Parliament last week win over some of the MPs who were questioning her position?

To those within the Westminster bubble, it is a moment of high tension. To the rest of the country, understandably concerned at how the climax of the Brexit process will affect people’s everyday lives, it is a waste of time and energy that would be better focused elsewhere.

This is not a political game, yet far too many Conservative MPs appear to be using Brexit as a means to shape their party in their preferred direction.

The time for rumour and intrigue is over. If Tory MPs want Mrs May out, they should speak up now. If not, they should shelve their internal squabbling and devote their undivided attention to solving Britain’s Brexit crisis. At the moment, their political sideshow is helping no one.