SOMEONE, somewhere knows exactly what happened to Danny Wake.

Five years ago yesterday, Danny was tragically knocked down and killed in Falmer Road, Darlington. He was just three years old at the time.

Despite an extensive inquiry, police have never been able to track down the vehicle that struck Danny, or identify the driver who failed to stop and report the incident.

A 26-second gap in the CCTV footage from passing buses means there is no record of the moment Danny was hit, and no eye witnesses have come forward to provide an account that might enable Danny’s family to achieve a sense of closure.

Someone knows exactly what happened on that fateful November day in 2013 though. Someone is living with the pain of having been in that vehicle, and the knowledge that they have failed to speak up.

We applaud Danny’s family for the courage they have shown. We have nothing but admiration for his mother, Kayren Winter, and the way she has kept her son’s memory alive while trying to build a new life for his brothers, Georgie and Roman.

But as time ticks on, we fervently hope there will come a day when the wondering ends. At some stage, the truth will come out.

So if you’re reading this, wondering whether to speak up about what happened five years ago, we implore you to pick up the phone and contact the police. It is the least Miss Winter and her family deserve.