ONE of the biggest concerns expressed by voters in the run up to the EU referendum was a lack of facts to make an informed decision.

A year and a half down the line and facts about how Brexit might crush our economy, or whether it will lead to a new golden age, are still thin on the ground.

One thing that has become clear is that the people leading us out of the EU are making a total hash of this grisly business. David Davis, Theresa May and Philip Hammond are shuffling towards the cliff edge blindfolded.

Mr Hammond admits the Cabinet is yet to decide what it wants the UK’s post-Brexit relationship with EU to look like.

Brexit Secretary Mr Davis, who looks as though the weight of the job is becoming too much for him to bear, says that the Government has produced no economic forecasts on the likely impact of Brexit on key parts of our economy. These are staggering admissions.

Meanwhile, DUP leader Arlene Foster is holding Mrs May to ransom over the Irish border question. How embarrassing.

European leaders are due to decide at a crunch summit next week whether enough progress has been made on key issues of the Irish border, citizens’ rights and the Brexit bill to move onto trade. Mrs May’s failure to secure an agreement during a trip to Brussels on Monday because of the DUP’s demands has cast doubt on whether such progress will be possible.

We may be no closer to knowing where Brexit will lead us but we can be in no doubt that the people taking us there are a total shambles.