I AGREE with John Crick about politicians resorting to personal abuse, (HAS, Jan 15) which was further reinforced on Peston on Sunday.

In an interview with Jeremy Corbyn, Robert Peston asked him for his views on the shadow chancellor John McDonnell, who said on a previous edition of the show that it was okay to describe Esther McVey MP as a stain on humanity.

Here was Corbyn’s opportunity to condemn his colleague once and for all, but no, he skirted the question by saying that he would stick to disagreeing with the politics of Esther McVey.

Laura Pidcock, the new MP for North West Durham, only weeks after taking office last year, said that she has a visceral hate of Tories and could never befriend any.

I maintain faith in the British people, who have never liked extremes in politics, be they left or right. The far right don’t really have a foothold at the ballot box, but the far left now do, because Momentum has taken over the Labour Party. Voters will need to think long and hard at future elections.

G. Carr, Aycliffe Village