Burger King has relaunched its Burger Roulette game, giving customers the chance to enjoy a burger with savings up to £4.99.

Customers can take part in the challenge via the Burger King app Monday to Friday until Friday, August 26.

To take part in Burger Roulette, customers can enter for £3 and spin the wheel to find out which burger they win.

A burger prize is guaranteed for every spin and there are four burgers available but it's up to the Roulette to decide which one a customer gets.

The Northern Echo: Steakhouse Angus (Burger King)Steakhouse Angus (Burger King)

Customers have 15 minutes to claim the burger after the offer is activated and they can enter a maximum of once per day.

Burger King’s Burger Roulette returns until next month

Paying £3 to enter guarantees a win of one burger, meaning customers can save money since the price of each burger included in the game costs more than £3.

The burgers included in the Roulette are:

  • Steakhouse Angus – RRP £7.99 
  • Whopper with Cheese and Bacon – RRP £6.99 
  • Crispy Chicken with Cheese and Bacon – RRP £7.49 
  • Chicken Royale with Cheese and Bacon - RRP £6.99 

The Burger Roulette offer is available for a limited time at participating restaurants only and it’s redeemable in-store, via the drive-thru and by Click & Collect. 

The Northern Echo: Crispy Chicken with Cheese and Bacon (Burger King)Crispy Chicken with Cheese and Bacon (Burger King)

Those who play Burger Roulette can't exchange or refund the burger that they win and there are no plant-based alternatives available for this offer.

Customers who sign up to the Burger King app can sign up to the fast food chain’s new loyalty scheme, Your Burger King. When signing up customers can get a free Cheeseburger.

The Burger King app can be downloaded via Google Play and App Store.