As the summer hoilday season kicks off thousands will be packing their suitcases and making sure they are adhering to airport rules. 

Including one that can catch many out, with the rule that all liquids must be less than 100ml and have to fit in a 100ml plastic bag.

But now a TikToker has shared their go-to tip which lets you get around the rule.

With Holly Louise sharing the trick and seeing more than 37,000 followers like the smart move. 

@hollylouise.22 Best idea I've ever heard🤣 #boots #airport #airportideas #bootsorder #bootsgatwick #gatwick #JDSummerDrip #bootshaul #fyp ♬ Sunny Day - Ted Fresco

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In the video, she shared that 'this is your sign to do a Boots order for collection at the airport'. 

Showing a Boots bag full of shampoo, suncream, shower gel, and more. 

Suggesting that all you have to do is order all your beauty needs that exceed the limit ahead of your arrival from the retailer for click and collect. 

Then just head to the Boots and pick up your order, saving you from hunting around for those must-have products.

However, before trying out this handy hack you should check to see if your airport has the service as not all have Boots after security. 

And if they do, you should order a few days in advance to make sure you can collect them on the day.