Channel 4 is airing a new Australian comedy for the first time in the UK called 'Spreadsheet'. 

The show follows The IT Crowd's Katherine Parkinson who plays a divorced lawyer, and mother of two, Lauren who's become an avid dating app user and is enjoying all the spoils of the dating scene. 

Even creating a spreadsheet of options to ensure her encounters prove more varied than her chaotic personal life.

But it all goes wrong when a series of coincidences and consequences leave her speechless and in messy waters. 

The show was written and created by Kala Ellis who has worked on an array of productions including Top Gear Australia, but Spreadsheet is her first shot at writing.

It's already proved successful in Australia when it was released in late 2021 and has become a cult hit among comedy fans. 

Spreadsheet Cast:

  • Lauren: Katherine Parkinson
  • Alex: Rowan Witt
  • Helena: Zahra Newman
  • Andy: Charlie Mycroft
  • Ange: Katrina Milosevic
  • Hayden: Kevin Hofbauer
  • Slimon: Ryan Shelton
  • Jake: Robbie Magasiva
  • Mrs Allan: Georgina Naidu

How to watch Spreadsheet: 

If you fancy watching the new show, you can catch it on Channel 4 or All 4 on May 18 at 10.05pm. 

With the second episode airing straight after the first.