Britain’s Got Talent returned this week for a new episode and Simon Cowell was left confused as a singing and dancing act, The Dots, pretended to go wrong.

Eventually Cowell realised the mishaps were all part of the act with one of the three women falling about the stage after the trio pretended one of them had never performed with the others.

Simon Cowell admitted he’d been “fooled” by the hilarious audition.

The judges were left laughing at several parts of the audition and if you missed the audition or simply want to have another laugh, you can watch it via the Britain’s Got Talent YouTube channel here.

Watch The Dots' Britain's Got Talent audition

Along with a few laughing and shocked emojis and a GIF of the performance, the official Britain’s Got Talent Twitter account tweeted: “OMG! Literally everything that could go wrong, DID go wrong! Watch The Dots disastrous performance here: #BGT"

Britain’s Got Talent returns on Saturdays on ITV.