It's that time of year again when BBC's Winterwatch is back on our television screens.

Winterwatch will return to BBC Two from Tuesday, January 18, for two weeks of wildlife discoveries.

From spotting stoats and pine martens in Norfolk to seeking out the UK’s rarest owl species, the annual show takes viewers into some of the nation's most rugged habitats.

Winterwatch tracks changes in nature throughout the year - the first part of the Watches in 2022.

But there are some changes to this year's show with one familiar face not making her usual Winterwatch appearance.

Who are the BBC Winterwatch presenters?

Chris Packham

Chris Packham CBE is an English naturalist, nature photographer, television presenter and author.

He made his name well known on British TV after spending almost a decade presenting The Really Wild Show.

He is a keen activist for all things concerning wildlife protection and finding solutions to climate change.

Michaela Strachan

Michaela Strachan started her career as a presenter on Saturday morning television during the 1980s – from Good Morning Britain to Wide Awake Club.

She went on to present Boogie Box on the music channel Music Box and children’s nature show The Really Wild Show on BBC One.

After making her debut on Countryfile in 2002, the presenter has become synonymous with the BBC’s adventures into nature and wildlife.

She has been a staple on the show ever since joining Autumnwatch in 2011 – replacing former presenter Kate Humble.

For Winterwatch 2022, Chris and Michaela will be exploring a whole host of wildlife from Wild Ken Hill in Norfolk, both from near to them in the east of England and also stories from further afield in the UK.

Iolo Williams

Welsh nature observer and TV presenter Iolo Williams is back for Winterwatch 2022.

Iolo didn't appear on Autumnwatch 2021 as filming dates clashed with a week’s guiding on Mull.

Iolo Williams has been a regular and much loved presenter on the 'Watch' series since 2019.

For Winterwatch 2022, Iolo will be on his home from home on the Isle of Mull.

Known as Eagle Island due to the relatively high populations of Golden and White-Tailed eagles, Iolo will be discovering more about these amazing creatures. 

Iolo will get a privileged view inside a recently abandoned white-tailed eagle's nest – to see how it’s built and to gain an insight into their varied diet from the scraps they leave behind.

He’ll also be looking at Ptarmigan, otters, hares and short-eared owls.

Megan McCubbin

Megan McCubbin is an English zoologist, conservationist and photographer who joined the 'Watches' series in 2020.

For Winterwatch 2022, Megan will be stationed at WWT Castle Espie in Northern Ireland.

Megan was initially a co-presenter with her step-dad Chris Packham from their home in the New Forest.

She told CountryLiving magazine that Chris could often be found rehabilitating foxes and birds in the family's bathroom during her childhood.

Megan presented Springwatch, Autumnwatch and Winterwatch on BBC Two in 2020 and 2021.

Megan - who grew up surrounded by nature and farm animals - has a degree in Zoology from the University of Liverpool.

She recently appeared in Chris and Meg's Wild Summer for the BBC.

Where is Winterwatch's Gillian Burke?

Gillian Burke has been a regular presenter on the show since joining Springwatch in 2017.

Sadly, due to personal commitments, Winterwatch regular Gillian Burke is unable to be part of the live presenting team.

But it's not all bad news as Gillian has recorded a couple of films for Winterwatch in the Cotswolds and the South-west.

Gillian will be back presenting live for Springwatch 2022.

The presenter previously worked as a researcher for the BBC’s Natural History Unit as well as a producer and director on several series for Animal Planet and the Discovery Channel.