The low-cost airline Ryanair has received heavy backlash for its policy of barring passengers from flying with them until they return money they received as refunds for cancelled flights during the coronavirus pandemic.

It was found out yesterday by the Money Saving Expert website that holidaymakers who booked flights this year as Covid travel restrictions eased have been told they could only fly if they give back refunds.

In one case, the customer was informed just days before they were due to travel.

Three passengers told they could not fly until they returned the previously refunded cash and in at least two instances, customers were contacted by Ryanair's fraud department about the refunds.

The airline has faced intense backlash on social media since this information was found out.

What was the reaction online?

Tom Martin quote tweeted Ryanair Twitter when it posted a joke on its account.

He wrote: “Ryanair trying to be funny on their socials to try and hide what an absolutely horrendous company they are is an interesting plan.”

Richard Lowe responded to the situation tweeting: “We all knew Ryanair were trash... easyJet are the luckiest flight providers going - their entire marketing campaign can be "at least we're not as bad as Ryanair".

There was escaping the damning remarks from those on Twitter:

Nick wrote: "If you’re still booking flights with Ryanair at this point… …you’re into masochism - not cheap air travel.

Another joked: "eco-tip: Disincentivise short haul air travel by behaving like Ryanair."

Kate Bevan simply put: "Ryanair is the very worst airline".

And Mark wrote: "I'm just leaving this here to remind myself NEVER to fly with @Ryanair. What an awful company."