The new series of Geordie Shore returns to TV tonight with a new dating format that has given the popular series a serious shake-up.

Geordie Shore: Hot Single Summer premieres on Tuesday, October 5 at 10pm on MTV with a host of brand-new singles.

The cast will have to work to build genuine connections with each other to avoid the weekly eliminations.

In a statement, MTV said: After a 20-month filming hiatus (thanks Covid) 'Geordie Shore' is back in the Toon and this brand new series is set to be the raunchiest yet, as the doors of the 'Geordie Shore' house will be thrown open and filled with fun loving party people for the ultimate hot single summer."

Geordie Shore: Hot Single Summer cast

Meet the new sexy singles below!


This 29-year-old rugby player from South Wales is usually found on the dancefloor breaking out his breakdancing movies. He's never had a relationship that lasts more than two years and likes a girl who will keep him on his toes. 

Instagram: @__jaybaker


Jack,25, is a construction worker from Cheshire. He compares himself to a “Picasso painting” with the amount of artwork he has on his body. He calls himself the clown of his friendship group and he loves having a laugh. He has had one serious relationship in the past.

Instagram: @mrjlrok

The Northern Echo: Left - Right: Roxanne, Robyn, Niko & Jay (Credit: Georgie Shore) Left - Right: Roxanne, Robyn, Niko & Jay (Credit: Georgie Shore)


This party animal loves making new friends and blagging her way through anything. Robyn is a 24-year-old sales advisor from Hull and went to university in Newcastle. She was in a long-term relationship until she found out he was engaged!

Instagram: @robynmukoyi


This 27-year-old pharmacist is originally from Aberdeen but now lives in London. She is Persian Scottish who lived a double life as her parents were so strict! Her dad found out she drank when a taxi man had to carry her to her house in the snow. This pocket rocket is 5ft 1” and recently broke up with her boyfriend after they moved in together during lockdown.

Instagram: @roxy0x


Niko is an energetic American living in London. This 27-year-old works in musical theatre and is also part-time personal trainer. He is looking for a talkative, clean and nice smelling guy and his celebrity crushes are Bradley Cooper, Zac Efron and Jared Leto.

Instagram: @niko_kaim 

The Northern Echo: Left - Right: Charlie, India, Jack, Devon (Credit: Geordie Shore) Left - Right: Charlie, India, Jack, Devon (Credit: Geordie Shore)


‘Cheeky Chappy’ Charlie., 24, is a sales consultant from Essex. He is full of energy and plays the guitar and piano. His last relationship ended because he was cheated on, so he is looking for someone who can match his energy and has a bit of attitude.

Instagram: @charlie_wheeler736


India, 24, from Surrey, is a personal assistant and influencer. Her previous exes include two footballers and an NBA player. She wants someone funny with lots of banter, as she doesn’t take life too seriously.

Instagram: @indiajanewilkinson


Devon is a dancer from Sheffield. This 25-year-old loves to go abroad, spending his summers in Ibiza and winters in Dubai. He loves a night out and is a big softie at heart. He likes guys who are masculine, funny and playful. Devon’s party trick is that he can breathe fire!

Instagram: @devonnathanielreid   

Geordie Shore Hot Single Summer will air at 10pm on October 5 on MTV and via catch on the new MTV Play app.