Married at First Sight, the TV programme where couples are matched by a panel of experts and meet for the first time just minutes before marrying, are looking for new singles to take part in its next series.

The sixth series of the show is currently airing on E4, and no time is being wasted to find people to include in the next one.

It first started broadcasting in 2015 on Channel 4, and only made the switch to E4 for this current series.

The show is also now using the format of its Australian counterpart, due to the Australian version having been popular when shown on E4.

On its Twitter account Married at First Sight has put out a few advertising calls for potential future series, asking people if they are “ready” to find their future love.

To sign up, you have to be over 18, and feel ready for marriage.

You'll also have to tell producers a little about yourself, your ideal first date, how long you've been single, and share a video message.

If you are successful from that point then the series is set to begin filming in Spring 2022, so you must be free at that point.

You also cannot have any current TV connections.

You can apply at the website here, or email