A former teacher, who was convicted of abusing boys at Gordonstoun boarding school, also had indecent images of children on his computer, it has emerged.

Andrew Keir was called as a witness at the Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry (SCAI) on Wednesday.

The inquiry was told that as well as the indecent images of boys, police found fictional stories on his computer which described sexual acts in a school.

In 2018, Keir was convicted of lewd acts involving three boys at the elite school in Moray between 1988 and 1991.

However, Keir continues to deny abusing boys at Gordonstoun, despite being found guilty and jailed for the offences.

Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry
Lady Smith’s inquiry heard evidence about Gordonstoun (Nick Mailer/PA)

During the evidence session at the SCAI, counsel to the inquiry Andrew Brown QC questioned Keir about his time at the school.

The former physics teacher, now 71, denied sexually abusing a boy who was playing a computer game at the school, as well as indecently exposing himself in a swimming pool.

Keir said: “This did not happen.”

When Mr Brown put it to him that he had been found guilty of these offences, he replied: “It’s a fact I was found guilty, it’s also a fact I believe I am not guilty.”

Mr Brown said Keir had also been convicted of having indecent images of children, and asked if he had an interest in boys.

Keir said: “I suggest it would be a category error to say, because I have thoughts, therefore I had action.”

School mobile phone ban
Gordonstoun’s current principal, Lisa Kerr, has apologised for the historic abuse which took place at the school (PA)

Mr Brown described other material which was found on his computer in 2017; the material being explicit stories which described sexual acts involving children.

Asked if this was the kind of material that excited him, he said: “It is. It has crept up on me over the years.”

Asked when his interest in boys began, Keir said: “I wish I could answer…

“I’ve always done my best to treat human beings as human beings, not as sexual playthings.”

He continued: “I believe I can look you in the eye and say I never touched a boy in a sexual manner, or a girl for that matter.”

On Tuesday, a former pupil at the school described how Keir groped him as he was playing a computer game.

He said the abuse he suffered at Gordonstoun had affected the rest of his life.

The SCAI is currently examining allegations of abuse at Scottish boarding schools.

Gordonstoun’s current principal, Lisa Kerr, has apologised on behalf of the school to all those who suffered abuse in the past.

Lady Smith’s inquiry continues.