Brexit protesters in London took aim at Boris Johnson’s “puppet master” Dominic Cummings on a bumper day for British politics.

An effigy brought by People’s Vote demonstrators depicted Mr Cummings as a demonic figure holding a cartoon model of the Prime Minister.

The model of the former Vote Leave campaign chief had the words “Demonic Cummings” written on his head and “Master of Muppets” emblazoned below.

It also featured a Union Jack in the guise of a moustache – similar to that of Adolf Hitler’s – as well as a Nazi-style red armband reading “Get Brexit Done”.

The effigy was pictured in the capital as thousands of people gathered to call for a vote on Mr Johnson’s Brexit deal.

(Jacob King/PA)

The People’s Vote march for a Final Say on Britain’s departure from the EU will head to Westminster as MPs debate the new deal in the House of Commons.

Phil Jeanes, 67, of a group called EU Flag Mafia, said that he had driven the sculpture over from Dusseldorf in Germany on Thursday night.

Mr Jeanes, who has lived in Essen for the last nine years with his German wife, said that the float had been specifically designed for the People’s Vote march by the German artist Jacques Tilly.

(Yui Mok/PA)

It is the fourth model designed by the artist, who also made a sculpture of Theresa May with her nose impaling a man in a bowler hat.

“He put 14 sketches together and we chose what we thought would be the best,” Mr Jeanes, who is retired, said.

He explained that it had taken Mr Tilly two weeks to put together the plans and build the model, saying: “It only takes him a few days to make.

Dominic Cummings
(Stefan Rousseau/PA)

“I suppose we were always intending to do a float for this march and you have to wait and see what is happening at the time.”

Mr Jeanes explained that EU Flag Mafia had put together a crowdfunding page to pay for the float, adding: “We have raised about £2,000.”

He said he was worried about the impact Brexit would have on him and his wife, saying: “If there’s a no-deal Brexit I have to pay for my healthcare.”