POLICE officers have executed a closure order on a house, following issues with drugs and anti-social behaviour.

On Monday, police officers boarded up and closed a problem address on Charterhouse Street in Hartlepool.

Sergeant Adrian Dack of the Hartlepool Community Safety Team said: “This closure order was conducted as part of Operation Phoenix and is a great example of a partnership approach to improving our communities.

“I have been out speaking with local residents regarding the closure order and they are relieved that we have removed the tenants from the area as they were causing a lot of distress.

“I would like to take this opportunity to say that further closure orders will be made as part of our summer long operation to improve public service, help vulnerable people, tackle serious violence and prevent crime.”

The order was made in partnership with Hartlepool Borough Council and Cleveland Fire Brigade.

A spokesperson for Cleveland Police said: "Anyone with information on drugs activity in their local area is asked to contact police on 101."