A SHOE shop's Caring Souls appeal has resulted in more than 500 pairs of shoes being donated to help homeless people.

Charles Clinkard launched its shoe appeal in partnership with Middlesbrough and Teesside Philanthropic Foundation and asked people to donate their unwanted shoes in exchange for a money off voucher.

Managing director Charles Clinkard said: "We were overwhelmed with the volume of donations we received, with customers even visiting our other stores across the region to donate their unwanted shoes.

“We can’t begin to imagine how difficult homelessness must be, especially during the winter months, and we hope the donations make a difference.”

After its success, the company is planning on running the shoe appeal bi-annually.

Andy Preston, founder and chairman of Teesside Charity, said: “With the support of generous Teessiders and local businesses, we are able to help our community all year-round through various fundraising activities and initiatives.

“The Caring Soles shoe appeal was a shining example of the public’s willingness to help people – this time, through a particularly difficult time of year – and we’re delighted to hear that Charles Clinkard is planning on continuing the appeal.”