A MENTAL health charity has been awarded £74,142 of funding as part of Sport England's strategy to improve people's health and mental wellbeing through sport and activity.

Middlesbrough and Stockton Mind will use the cash boost to fund a new project ‘Energise’ which will support women to become more active with free access to gyms, groups and other ways to get involved.

The charity's service manager Paul Christon said: “Regular physical activity is proven to be beneficial for good mental health as well as good physical health.

"The Energise project is really important for women in Middlesbrough and Stockton as they find it harder to access sporting activity than men but are just as keen to do it.

“The project will work with sports and activity providers and our wonderful volunteers to help remove the barriers that get in the way of women being more active.”

For more information about the Energise project and the local mental health charity, visit www.middlesbroughandstocktonmind.org.uk