THE Conservative Party extended its majority to a staggering 11,626 as Simon Clarke's support of his party leader's Brexit plan proved to be a winning move.

Mr Clarke has always been an ardent supporter of Brexit and the result for Middlesbrough South and East Cleveland showed that the electorate were behind him.

His closest rival, Lauren Dingsdale, was hoping to return the seat to the Labour Party but her ambition fell significantly short of the figure required to unseat the Tory candidate.

After recording his landslide victory, Mr Clarke promised the residents of his constituency that a new era had dawned on the region.

He said: “I would to say that to all those who took part in the democratic process, as a democracy that is what we are celebrating tonight. We will now be able that democratic decision (the EU referendum) from three years ago, it ought never to have taken this long but we will now focus on delivering the benefits of that decision for Teesside.

"This is the beginning of a new era where we can get things done for our region.

“We can deliver on the referendum mandate, we can leave the European Union and get on with making it work for Teesside.”

Speaking about his own increased majority, he added: "I was hopeful that we would do well because the last few weeks have been excellent but this beyond all hope and expectation and I'm enormously grateful to all those who turned out to vote because it is a massive vote of confidence and a massive honour for me."

Ms Dingsdale said the results across the country had shown it was a tough night for the Labour Party.

She added: "I'm very proud of the campaign we have run here; it has shown the local Labour party at its best – united on the issues that really matter, passionately, truthfully and tirelessly."

Liberal Democrat Jemma Joy called on Mr Clarke to to deliver on his promises for the area and the region.

While Green Party candidate, Sophie Brown added: "I would like to thank everyone who voted for me and the Green Party, I'm proud that I was able to offer that choice to the people of Middlesbrough South and East Cleveland."

The full result was: Lauren Dingsdale (Labour) 16,509; Simon Clarke (Conservative) 28,135; Jemma Joy (Liberal Democrat) 1,953; and Sophie Brown (Green) 1,220.