A LABOUR MP has launched his campaign for re-election on Teesside.

At his launch rally in Thornaby, Stockton South MP Dr Paul Williams vowed to reject the politics of government “cuts and division” and “put local people first”.

Dr Williams pledged to call on Prime Minister Boris Johnson to “take the NHS off the table” when negotiating trade deals with the US President Donald Trump, and vowed to highlight schools in his constituency losing out on £30m since 2015.

He also revisited his attempts, earlier this year, to increase the number Cleveland Police officers when he wrote to the Home Secretary Priti Patel.

At the rally, he said: “The energy of my supporters in every corner of this constituency will help me throughout this election.

"My campaign team and I have really hit the ground running since the election was announced on Tuesday, and we’ve already contacted thousands of voters across Stockton South.

“Everyone in every corner of Stockton South has a right to feel safe in their homes, but the Tories have cut 500 police, while crime has gone up by 83 percent.

"I’ll get those 500 Bobbies back on Teesside’s streets, keeping people safe.

“I’m proud to stand on my record. I’ve kept the promises I made to the people of Stockton South in 2017.

"I’d be honoured to win the support of the people of Stockton South again and carry on as the MP for our area.”