AS Saltburn’s eclectic interiors boutique LillianDaph celebrates its third year of business, it is welcoming a little sister store to the town. Little LD will house quirky interior and lifestyle items for little ones.

“The arrival of our first daughter last December opened our eyes to the lack of cool stuff for kids interiors in our area," says owner Christina Easton. "We found most high street baby shops uninspiring and there isn’t much in the way of independent stores, either.

The Northern Echo:

"This new venture of ours has been born the same way LillianDaph was; from a need for something we felt was missing in the North-East. We simply want to bring you and your little treasures inspiration for your spaces and lifestyle, and teach them how our surroundings have the power to positively effect how we live, learn and feel.”

Little LD stocks quirky designer lighting, Scandinavian textiles and handmade wall art, alongside toys, tableware and clothing.

The Northern Echo:

"Our customers at LillianDaph are conscious of the products and brands they are buying into," adds partner Craig. "It’s about more than just the look of the end product, it’s often the story and the ethics involved that they really buy into. We will be reinforcing this in Little LD through things like recycled packaging, products made from eco-friendly materials, and strong relationships with the makers and founders behind the brands we have selected."

Since it opened three years ago, the LillianDaph Store has gone from strength to strength, opening the second floor of the building, and adding an online store with in-house photography studio and a coffee and cake parlour.

  • Little LD is situated in Milton Street, Saltburn. The team invite you along to peruse the store and grab a cake and glass of fizz to celebrate the opening today, between 10am and 4pm.
  • Facebook, @LD.littleLD and Instagram, @littleld. W: