TWO blossom trees have been planted in a town park.

Spennymoor Town Council and Spennymoor Rotary each planted flowering cherry trees at Jubilee Park this month.

The council's tree replaced one of the oldest in the park which had to be removed after its condition deteriorated over the winter.

The prunus pissardi had been monitored for safety since 2016 when it was found to be decaying and after the weight of snow caused considerable damage it had to be removed. It was this month replaced with a prunus pandora which members hope will fill the gap between the two bowling greens.

Rotarians also planted a cherry tree, to complement 100 saplings it donated to regenerate the Cow Plantation.

Both gestures were part of Rotary International's environmental project to plant 1.2million trees- one for each Rotarian- worldwide.

Club President Jazmin Orrick said: “This year's Rotary theme is ‘making a difference’.

"We decided the best way to do that was to use the planting scheme to leave something that would last for years to come."