So goes the character Jessica, played by Hutton Magna based young actress Holly Newton.

Set in Northern England in the present day, it was filmed at Featherstone Castle near Haltwhistle, Northumberland.

A bus drives 5 young couples to an old castle in an unknown location. They have responded to an advert looking for people to take part in a 30-day medical trial. The company running the experiment, led by the co-ordinator, explains there will be no contact with the outside world. The group are free to leave at any time, but if they do, they will forfeit their fee: £20,000 per couple.

Mysterious, unexplained events occur around the castle and strange noises are heard in the middle of the night. At first the group are skeptical – they think the company is creating the illusion of a “haunting” to test their reactions, until it is revealed there is something more sinister involved.

Written and produced by Richard Johnstone of 24/24 films and directed by Steve O’Brien, it premieres at the Tyneside Cinema, Pilgrim Street on Thursday 1 Oct 15 at 6.30. It goes on release on Monday 12th October 2015 under the new title of "Vampires".

Holly plays the part of Jessica who is a sweet innocent child who turns murderous in an instant. Pictured here in character, makeup took 4 hours. Holly's mum Beverley says "Holly is really excited. She hopes to do more filming in the future".