1000’s of Greyhounds, lurchers and their owners put their best paws forward on Sunday 21st June to celebrate the fifth Great British Greyhound Walk (GBGW).

Hounds and humans walked simultaneously at a number of parks, woods, beaches and heaths up and down the country.  There were numerous walks confirmed in places as far afield as Aberdeen, Belfast, Swansea, Lowestoft and Plymouth, not to mention St Helier in Jersey and Alexandra Palace in London.

Hutton Magna welcomed local sight hounds and their owners to join in the walk, which this year started from Hutton Magna Village Hall.

Carroll Trevor and Sheila Wylie said “This is the 2nd time a walk for GBGW has been arranged from Hutton Magna and we hoped for a number of local our sighthounds, greyhounds, whippets and their owners to join in. The idea of the walk is to particularly celebrate retired racing greyhounds, to raise awareness and promote them as wonderful family pets once their racing days are over.

Greyhounds make great companions; they adore human company, are gentle, docile and loving and walk really well on the lead.  Contrary to popular belief, greyhounds don't require much exercise, just two 20 minute walks a day suits them but of course they enjoy longer walks too.

We were delighted that 8 local greyhounds, lurchers, other sighthounds and their owners joined us on the 21st to help us make the Great British Greyhound Walk of 2015 even more successful than last year.

All of the 2015 walks are listed on our website www.greatbritishgreyhoundwalk.org.uk.”