A project lasting over a year came to fruition today when Hutton Magna's new local information plaque was installed.

The village community had for some time been attracted by the idea of providing information to visitors to make their stay more enjoyable. It was thought that they could provide both the interesting history relating to the village buildings (such as the church, old school house and Hutton Hall farm), show access points for the local footpaths and the fauna and flora that can be seen locally.

Grant funding was available from the Heart of Teesdale Landscape Partnership and Heritage Lottery Fund for community projects which could demonstrate community or public involvement and benefit. At a village meeting in 2013, the idea of an information board depicting the village and points of local interest was discussed and felt to be a good idea. Following a successful application the project started.

There has been considerable involvment from many of the residents. The main part of artwork - a line drawing of the village - was drawn by two artists and supplemented by illustrations produced by village children, which have been included in the overall design. Other residents provided details of local points of interest, wildlife, and history. An extract from the OS map has been included to show local public footpaths. The design was prepared for professional printing by another resident using desktop publishing software.

The finished information board has been mounted in a large block of locally quarried and worked stone and sited on the village green. Weighing in at over 3 tonnes, the services of a local farmer were needed to lift it in to position.

Billy Brophy, chair of Hutton Magna Parish Meeting said "We get a lot of walkers passing through the village, many stopping to sit on the village green to eat their lunch. I'm hoping people will come the the village to see the attraction. Its a beautiful piece of stone and we hope its going to be there for a very long time".

A few years ago, the village purchased the telephone box from BT and renamed it the News Box. More information about the village will be placed in it.

Hutton Magna lies just north of the A66 at Newsham (Smallways) crossroads. Postcode for Satnavs is DL11 7HQ