POLICE have grabbed horses which are running wild in Shildon over concerns that they will cause a serious accident.

Shildon Police have impounded two loose horses roaming in the Jubilee Estates area of the town.

The two animals were part of a group of five horses running loose in the area causing problems for locals.

Police took two of the horses into care during an operation last week.

The animals will be kept for two weeks and if the animals’ owners are not found they will be sold off to new ones.

No-one knows where two of the other horses are at present.

The fifth horse was killed when it ran out of a field in front of Richard Massey, 39, as he drove along Middridge Lane, Shildon.

Mr Massey, of Shildon, suffered whiplash injuries in the accident at 7am on January 6.

Durham Constabulary has reported a number of recent reports regarding loose horses in Shildon.

The force is concerned that someone is seriously injured or killed and it has stressed that it will move loose horses.