A TRIBUTE to NHS key workers has been printed outside of a town's hospital to commend staff for their continued work during Covid-19.

The message, which reads "thank you NHS", has been painted outside of Bishop Auckland Hospital, on Cockton Hill Road.

Cllr Sam Zair, county councillor and Bishop Auckland town cllr, said: "I saw this idea on social media outside Sunderland Hospital. My first thoughts were, what a good idea.

"I emailed Terry Collins, the Chief Executive of Durham County Council (DCC), and asked him if it would be possible to have this outside of Bishop Auckland Hospital.

"I said that if Sunderland Council can do this, DCC can do it.

"I explained that it would be good to show our thanks to the NHS key workers, and it would be good for community spirit. He agreed.

"It shows that having this mural outside Bishop Auckland Hospital is also a way to remind the trust how important this hospital is to the local community and surrounding areas.

"I would like to thank Terry for his support with this idea. I was pleasantly surprised that it was going to be rolled out across the county.

"I’m sure I can speak on behalf of everyone that in these past weeks we are all grateful to NHS staff and key workers."