A WEARDALE knitting group is dedicated to decorating a village's war memorial with poppies.

St John’s Chapel Poppy Creations is a group of knitters in Upper Weardale who are trying to decorate the statue in front of the town hall with a poppy display.

Now with the country in lockdown over Coronavirus, members hope to inspire and reach more people to knit at home.

The group's organiser Venita Pattinson said: “Isolation is also a killer and we are trying to get people to make poppies in whatever form, knit crochet and plastic bottle bottoms to give people something to do with their lock down time.”

So far the group have created over 250 poppies and this continues to grow. The plan is to create a horse out of purple poppies, the colour used to commemorate the service of animals during the wars. On top of this they plan to create a Wellington bomber out of poppies dedicated to the lives lost when one crashed in Weardale in 1943. Both displays will go up outside the town hall. They hope the displays will be ready by October.

Mrs Pattinson added: “It is most important to keep the memory of the fallen in the forefront of our minds. It is also a fabulous way of getting our local community involved and occupied in these uncertain times.”