A KARATE instructor visited Japan to sign an official contract on behalf of members of his club to join the international karate organisation Nakamura.

Chikara Dojo’s chief instructor Adam Walker trained and taught with the people who formed the organisation when he lived in Japan more than 20 years ago.

While in the country, he also attended the 3rd IKO Nakamura International Karate Friendship Championships and took part in an international grading, where he was vigorously tested for his 4th Dan, which he passed.

The Chikara Dojo marks its 20th anniversary this year and over the past two decades it has seen many people come and go with a total of nine students gaining the much coveted title of Kyokushin black belt.

Mr Walker said there are many exciting events and competitions planned for 2020.

He said: “Going back to Japan was an amazing experience and meeting some of the people I used to train with is something I will never forget. Returning to my Kyokushin roots feels totally natural and having completed the circle I am looking forward to a very bright and interesting future for our club.”

For information about the club and its classes, which now include aerial yoga and yoga, see the Chikara Dojo Facebook page, call or text 07713-411198 or email arimz@hotmail.com