BOOS and hisses will ring out of Sedgefield Parish Hall when Sedgefield Players puts on its the annual pantomime.

Mother Goose takes to the stage as she befriends Princess Priscilla from Gooseland, way up in the sky.

Penniless Mother Goose– Thomas Guest– is about to be thrown out of her cottage as unable to pay Squire Moneybags– Peter Hook– her farm rent. He calls in the bumbling bailiffs– Liz Flanagan and Jacqui O’Meara– but they get lost on the way.

Mother Goose's helpful daughter Jill– Kelsey White– and dopey son Billy– Keiron O’Donnell– try to help. The family takes in Priscilla– jointly played by Emily Legender and Alicia Quinn– but her golden eggs bring both delight and misery as Mother Goose finds herself wanting more.

She turns to Demona, who takes her to the Magic Pool to make her young and beautiful again. Sarah Legender plays a wicked Demona and Viv Jacobs and Rosemary Jones share the part of the magical fairy who to keep Mother Goose grounded.

The Squire's son Colin– played by Lucy Atkinson– helps Mother Goose see the error or her ways. Other characters include the Queen of Gooseland– Hilary Yeoman and Jessica Sadler– and King – David Jasper– all play their parts.

The SPYS provide the chorus, villagers and dancers.

Tickets for 7pm shows on December 27, 28, 29 and 30 can be bought at Tickety Boo, in Sedgefield, online at or by calling 07957-104434.