A BUSINESSMAN is kitting out youngsters at a boxing academy with new tracksuits to give them a uniform look when they head to their bouts.

Stephen Nicholson, managing director of decorating firm S Nicholson and Sons, has invested £1,000 in buying new tracksuits for Spennymoor Boxing Academy to wear when training or travelling to competitions and matches across the country.

Mr Nicholson’s son is part of the academy, and when taking him to training, he realised that some of the youngsters didn’t have appropriate clothing for the activity.

He decided to donate a set of tracksuits to the club, to make sure that all the members had something to wear that was smart, comfortable and fit for purpose.

He said: “I was taking my son along every week, and I noticed that everyone was wearing different outfits, some of which were a bit restrictive for boxing, and I felt that something needed to be done about it.

“I really believe in these kids, they’re always winning titles and doing their best, so I was proud to put my name on their kit."