COLLEGE students were introduced to the future of technology when they were given the opportunity to visit a car plant.

The group of year nine and ten BTEC engineering students, from Greenfield Community College, Newton Aycliffe, visited the Nissan plant at Sunderland.

They toured the factory learning about its history, seeing firsthand the hi-tech approach to quality and intricacies during production of the Nissan Leaf and Qashqai, gained a valuable insight into future technological developments and learnt about potential career choices in the motor sector.

The group spoke to staff at the plant who explained their different roles and provided key information about their daily tasks and strategies.

They had the chance to meet an environmental engineer investigating sustainability and recycling and another who was involved in the development of robotic technology.

Teachers said the experience conveyed the growing importance of electric vehicles in an eco-friendly future and gave the youngsters a greater understanding of engineering and showed how their school work relates to the real world.

Graham Stead, subject specialist in visual arts, said: “It was inspirational for the students to see engineers working together at a state-of-the-art production facility.

“They got the chance to hear how engineers solved problems on a daily basis and how this related to the work they have been doing in school.”