A WELLBEING organisation is promoting a healthy lifestyle by opening their 'Green Gym' to the community.

The Pioneering Care Partnership's (PCP) community garden, in Newton Aycliffe, has been fitted with outdoor gym equipment – including a cross trainer, rowing machine, and a static bike.

Carol Gaskarth, PCP chief executive said: “When compared with exercising indoors, exercising in the natural environment is proven to help people to have increased energy and feel more positive or revitalised. Through funding from Sport England PCP is able to offer use of the outdoor exercise equipment free of charge to groups and individuals and we hope this facility becomes very popular.”

The range of new outdoor activities in the centre aims to create a relaxing, social space for everyone to enjoy.

In addition to the funding from Sport England Great Aycliffe, the Middridge Area Action Partnership (GAMP) provided funding to support memory gardening which has enabled PCP to employ a worker to develop sensory areas, memory trails and deliver sessions to the community.

PCP invited members of Sport England and GAMP to the launch of the outdoor gym.

Barry Knevitt, PCP chair said: “PCP’s mission is health, wellbeing and learning for all and we are continually thinking about how we can provide new services for local people and communities. The development of an outdoor gym provides a safe space to exercise."