A RETIRED fire service worker is hoping to become a town's first Brexit Party MP in the upcoming election.

Julie Maughan is standing as the MP candidate for the party in Easington.

Mrs Maughan, 53, comes from a mining background and is married with three children.

She was born in a cottage in the village of Silksworth and brought up by a single mother after her father died of cancer when she was only two years old.

Mrs Maughan said: “I’m the daughter of a miner from a North-East pit village, and I’m steeped in the issues and the problems faced by this area. I left school in 1982 when youth unemployment in the North-East was very high and many of my friends either did a YTS or went on the dole. This area has suffered from years of under investment and lack of opportunities across the board. I am an ordinary woman who believes in her country and democracy and our right to self-determination and I’m passionate about getting things done for Easington to help improve people’s lives and prospects.”

Also standing in Easington are Clare Ambrosino (Conservative), Dominic Haney (Liberal Democrat), Susan McDonnell (North East Party) and Grahame Morris (Labour).

Dr David Bull will stand as the parliamentary candidate for the Brexit Party in Sedgefield.

Dr Bull, who was elected as a Brexit Party member of the European Parliament for the North West earlier this year, is a medical doctor, writer and an award-winning presenter for the BBC, ITV and Channel 4.

He said: “As a qualified doctor, I am passionate about removing injustice and fighting heath inequalities. I have campaigned to clean-up dirty hospitals and to provide quality care for elderly people. I am now looking forward to bringing my campaigning spirit and passion for getting things done to Sedgefield."

Also standing in Sedgefield are John Furness (Green), Paul Howell (Conservative), Michael Joyce (Independent), Dawn Welsh (Liberal Democrat), Philip Wilson (Labour).