A PRIMARY school showed off their rainbow colours in support of diversity during anti-bullying week.

Youngsters at Etherley Lane School, in Bishop Auckland, wore different colours of the rainbow to show their enthusiasm towards equality, kindness, and respecting one another.

Becky Burkill, year 3 teacher and PSHCE coordinator, said: “We always aim to teach our children about diversity and accepting everybody for who they are, but this week in particularly important.

“We educate our children about racial equality and the LGBT community so that they know it’s okay to be different.”

Activities included creating anti-bullying posters, odd sock day which embraced differences, and a great rainbow bake off in order to ‘edu-cake and cele-bake,’ in which pupils decorated cakes to match the colour of their outfits.

The Northern Echo:

Pupils creating rainbows to present healing, sunlight, equality towards the LGBT community, nature, art and magic, harmony and serenity, and spirit

The Northern Echo:

An anti-bullying poster designed by one of the pupils

The Northern Echo:

The rainbow cakes designed by Etherley Lane pupils in their great rainbow bake-off

Hannah Kedility, year 2, said: “We should be kind, helpful, and look after people.”

Olivia Wilson, year 6, said: “Anti-bullying week creates awareness that everyone should feel equal and safe in and outside of our school environment.”

Isla Collinson, year 3, said: “People can sometimes be unkind to people who are different, but the rainbow shows we accept everybody for who they are.”

Some of the youngsters created heartfelt letters directed at certain celebrities who had experienced online bullying, including Jesy Nelson and Scarlett Moffatt, ending their letters with the hashtags #ignorebullies and #thinkbeforeyoutype.

The Northern Echo:

Celeste Calvert, year 4, with her letter to Jesy Nelson

Mia Jardine, year 6, said: “This week is important because we don’t want anyone to get hurt because of bullying, and we’ve learned how bad online bullying can be.”

The Northern Echo:

Martin Holt, year 5 teacher, with the format for the equality rainbow

Some pupils had been reading Tabby McTat, which includes a lesbian couple in the storyline, to raise awareness of the LGBT community, and others read 10,000 dresses which is about a boy who dreams about being a girl.

Each pupil then received a letter to take home titled ‘mirror mirror on the wall, what makes me stand out from them all?’ which included comments from teachers about their unique qualities.